November 16-30: Fitness-tour with SV Fitness

Fitness tour  SV FitnessNordic Walk, jogging, pilates, stretching, aerial-yoga, aqua-aerobics, excursions to waterfalls, trekking to volcano.

We leave on November 15 ✈️
🤸‍♀️Fabulous @svfitnessclub team with professional fitness coach!
Two morning and two evening workouts daily!
🔥Intensive fat-burning program! 
During the day - water polo, running, functional training, CrossFit, power exercises, pilates, stretching, antigravity-yoga!

Accommodation (shared in twin room) with breakfasts, training course $1820
Accommodation (single) with breakfasts, training course $2495

📝 All details can be obtained from the curator and coach of the tour Olga Lavrikova @ lavrushka2