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Iyengar yoga seminar with Natalia Luzhanskaya & Olga Makurina

Iyengar yoga seminar on November 2-16 with Natalia Luzhanskaya (Junior Int.3 Certificate) and Olga Makurina (Junior Int.2 Certificate)

On November 16, as the seminar is over, you can fly back home or stay for 2 more nights - we will move from the north Bali to its central part - Ubud area.

"The study of the subtle body in the practice of Yoga Iyengar"
Twice a day we will practice asanas and pranayama and yoga Nidra.

To make a reservation, buy tickets and make a one-night payment for the chosen accommodation type

Twin Room/Double Room - $90 /room with breakfasts
Double Room (seafront) - $100 /room with breakfasts
Deluxe Double Room (seafront) - $120 /room with breakfasts
Luxe Double Room (seafront) - $140 /room with breakfasts
Family Bungalow (seafront) - 160/ bungalow with breakfasts
2 bedroom garden-view villa - $140 / villa with breakfasts

10% discount from above prices to be provided for reservation confirmed before August 30

Seminar program $250

Flight tickets, transfers are not included.

The price for the individual transfer $ 70 (by car), can be combined with the excursion tour.
Group transfer cost to be shared between participants (bus price $120-150)

Booking inquiries:
Natalia WhatsApp