August 1-11 : Yoga & Energy Exercise Retreat for those who want something more than just yoga.

Yoga & Energy Exercise Retreat for those who want something more than just yoga. 
Lana & Trent are happy to present daily Yoga and Energy development classes. 
You will explore and discover mind, body and spirit techniques on a whole new level. 
Doing yoga with Lana will help to release blockages within your chakras and meridians, prepare you for your energy work with Trent. 
Lana Karenina ( is a Yoga teacher, fitness instructor & author of detox programs and diet plans. Lana shares her vast knowledge and experience on detox programs, healthy living workshops, Hatha yoga Masterclasses, Group & Personal Yoga lessons. 
Her professional experience in teaching yoga is over 11 years, 12 years in fitness, over 7 years in 
wellness and detox programs.
Lana specializes in the following yoga classes: hatha yoga, yin yoga, ashtanga vinyasa, yoga ballet, aerial yoga, yoga therapy, acro yoga, kriya yoga, meditations, pranayama
Fitness classes: bodyfit, barre workout, fitball, Interval training, classes with elastic bands, aqua aerobics, stretching

Trent has been learning & teaching the arts of energy exercises for over 6 years, specializes in 
energy field sensitivity and hand chakra activation & manifestation, soul and chakra healing exercise, breathing practices, atmokinesis, pyrokinesis, telekinesis practice on lightweight objects.
Trent you will teach you exercises to gain energy activations, develop abilities you thought was impossible.