Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching in the wild life

You will have to wake up as early as at 05:30 and take a boat ride together with fisherman. You would be able to observe beautiful shoreline of the northern part of Bali and enjoy magnificent sunrise over the sea. You would be able to see flocks of dolphins, which travel alongside the northern shores of Bali in the early mornings in search of fish. If you are not afraid to, you can try to swim with them in the deep water. Dolphin tour lasts 2-4 hours. We can not grant you 100% that you meet dolphins. Price IDR 450 000 per boat (for 2 persons)

Swimming with dolphins

Even the word - dolphin - causes some vibrant, bright, kind and happy feeling. Myths and legends about these mythical creatures worshiped in many cultures. Everyone who has ever swam with dolphins, confirm that it is a truly memorable and fantastic experience to be near this creature of the sea, touch it, feel it. For those who want positive emotions, laughter, joy, excitement - it is recommended to swim with dolphins in the pool located near Lovina at Melka Hotel. Price - about USD 100 for 20 min swimming with dolphins (25% discount for children)