Git Git

Very famous and beautiful tourist attraction. Situated about 40 minutes drive from our Club. The falls drop down many levels, the tallest of which is about 45 meters. The path to Gitgit Waterfall is lined with souvenir stalls, and persistent guides offer their services, which you have no need for at all ;-).

Sing Sing

The waterfall might look small, but it is a beautiful sight. The water tumbles into a small pool which then flows pass rocks into a small river covered by green vegetation.

Yeh Mampeh

Like Bondalem Beach Club this waterfall is situated away from usual tourist trail but meanwhile it is one of the largest waterfalls in Bali. As it is largely unvisited by tourists, it is totally unspoilt. This waterfall cascades down into a refreshing shower – do not miss your chance to have a good massage offered to you by nature. To reach it you have to walk about 20 minutes along a path taking you throw farm land, which grows Papaya, Pineapples, Jackfruit and many other plants.


If you are really adventurous, here’s your chance at trying out another challenge: Sekumpul Waterfall. Getting to the waterfall is very difficult, and you must travel down many slippery steps and across a river to see the falls close-up.
What’s interesting about Sekumpul Waterfall is that instead of one waterfall, there are seven! (“sekumpul” means “group” in Indonesian) These are all scattered around the area, with the tallest being more than 50 metres high.

Aling Aling, Kroya, Pucuk

Aling Aling, Kroya, Pucuk waterfalls located in Sambangan village – 20 minutes from Singaraja. 
The fresh water from the mountain and the surrounding sceneries will make you feel close to nature. This place is the most fun waterfall in all of Bali, because apart from the natural pool, you can also go sliding and jumping on the waterfall. It’s fun, challenging, and refreshing! GPS coordinates for parking in the area S8.177215 E115.106878


Jembong Waterfall is about 5 kms south of Singaraja and can be combined in a daytrip with Aling Aling. Most of the waterfalls are tall single (or multi) drop waterfalls while there are a few shorter waterfall walls. Instead Jembong Waterfall powerfully cascades down many rocks in a thunderous roar.


Banyumala Waterfall is one of the lesser known waterfalls in Bali. It is located north of Lake Buyan in northcentral Bali. Unlike many trails this is a completely natural trail and rarely hiked trail. Just past the waterfall is a water curtain of various trickles of water down a wall of lush rocks. Banyumala is located in Wanagiri district near the northeastern end of Lake Buyan. It is on the crater rim road between Munduk and the main highway from Singaraja to Denpasar. This is not an easy waterfall to find.

Munduk, Melanting, Empelan

There are several waterfalls in Munduk village area, that is Niagara Falls Munduk, Melanting, Empelan. However, people used to call all three waterfalls Munduk. Munduk village located at an altitude of between 800 - 900 m above sea level so the air is very cool and very suitable for agricultural areas, especially the coffee and clove. 
Each waterfall in this area surprisingly has 3 names (or more?): 
Munduk Waterfall = Red Coral Waterfall = Air Terjun Tanah Barak 
Melanting Waterfall = Air Terjun Laangan 
Golden Valley Waterfall = Air Terjun Empelan