Walking adventure

Visit local Temples of Bondalem

The major Temples in Bondalem are: 
Pura Bale Agung: located in the middle of Bondalem village, dedicated to Brahma who is regarded as the Creator Force of the universe. 
Pure Puseh: located in the south of Bondalem, is dedicated to Vishnu the Creator God that takes care of the world and the universe. 
Pura Dalem: located in the north east of Bondalem, is dedicated to Shiva, the Destroyer or Renewer of the world and the universe. 
Often you can take part in one of the many Balinese ceremonies. In Bondalem most Balinese follow the Hindu Religion and daily life is filled with many kinds of ceremonies to evoke blessings from the supernatural forces, the ancestors and the spirits.

Visit local market

Visit the early morning market where we buy all our local fresh vegetables. This market have been serving the local community for centuries and nothing much has changed. Works early morning from 5 till 8 o’clock.

Walking around

Walk along the black volcanic beaches in solitude with no-one around except local fisherman bringing in the day's catch.