Bali volcano Climbing



Trekking to Batur volcano is an ideal start for a beginner, although it requires physical training and willpower as you will have to continue your track even when your legs would be tired. The itinerary with stops takes from one and a half to two hours. At first, the trail seems simple but closer to the top one has to overcome stony mounds.

Batur volcano is an active one, it is located inside a crater with a width of 10 to 13.5 km, which was formed during the eruption of an ancient volcano over 29 thousand years ago. The height of the Batur Volcano is 1,717 m. The inner crater, 6.4 km wide by 9.4 km, was formed 20 thousand years ago. A strong eruption occurred in 1963, and the last significant outburst of ash - in 1999-2000. Then it reached 300 meters in height. In June 2011, local residents observed the emission of sulfur dioxide, and a lot of dead fish was found on the surface of Lake Batur.

Departure to the volcano Batur from Bondalem Beach Club is at 1: 00-1: 30 am. Climbing to Batur begins at 3: 45 - 4:00am to be at 6:00 am on top and enjoy the sunrise. After breakfast and descent from the volcano, we recommend you to visit the hot springs located in the village of Toya Devasya at the foot of the volcano.



This adventure suits only for experienced hikers, climbers and those who are sure about their good health condition.

From Besakih (west). This is a demanding climb starting close to Besakih temple. The ascent will take about 6 to 7 hours and ends at the very highest point of the mountain. The final hour or so is exceptionally demanding, often requiring ascent on all fours. A sensible start time is about 11PM, so that you arrive at the top before dawn and wait for the sunrise. Allow as long to get down as it took you to get up.

From Pura Pasar Agung (south). A four to five hour climb. Not so stiff as the Besakih route. The route ends about 100 meters below the actual summit, but the views are still excellent in all directions, as well as down into the actual crater. A sensible start time would be about 2:30 AM, again with aim of reaching the peak just before dawn. Still only experienced people can follow this road.

The combined route - starts from Pura Pasar Agung, but at an altitude 2000 meters the "road" turnes left and as a result you reach the same mark which is accessible from Besakih - this route is the longest, most difficult  and dangerous, it is used mainly when there are ceremonies in the temple of Besakih, when roads near the temple are blocked.

For Agung trekking you definetly need to have a good physical training, it is very desirable to have mountain trekking shoes. Each participant of the trekking is required to sign a notice of risk. Bondalem Beach Club, its employees, provided guides are not responsible for possible risks, possible injuries that may occur during trekking.

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